As a business owner, you probably know that social media is a great way to communicate with existing and potential customers. After all, nearly 90 percent of marketers say social media has increased exposure for their business, and another 75 percent say social media has helped boost foot traffic.

Engaging with customers via social media is valuable, but coming up with a consistent flow of social posts can be a challenge. To help spur your creativity, we’ve assembled a thorough list of social media ideas you can adapt and use for your business.


  1. New product announcements
  2. Sales events promotions (4th of July sale, Labor Day event, etc.)
  3. Retweets or posts of customers using your products
  4. Special codes for discounts on online orders
  5. Retweets and posts featuring positive customer reviews
  6. Shout-outs to customers for hitting follower milestones (for example, “Thanks for helping us hit 1,000 Facebook likes!”)
  7. Tips on ways to use your products
  8. Photo contests
  9. Links to product demonstration videos or relevant “how-tos”
  10. Posts encouraging customers to “tag a friend”
  11. Responses to customer concerns
  12. Coupons to use in-store
  13. Customer polls (for example, “Who wore our new summer collection best?”)
  14. Links to entertaining content related to your products
  15. Product restock announcements


  1. Info on daily menu specials
  2. Mouthwatering photos of entrees or desserts
  3. Links to media coverage or awards (for example, “Our tacos made the ‘Best of Tulsa’ list!”)
  4. Support for local food providers
  5. Specials, deals and promotions
  6. Seasonal menu announcements
  7. Photos of food items catering to special diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, etc.)
  8. Promotions tied to events (for example, “Pick up some wings to go for your Super Bowl viewing party!”)
  9. Info on tourist attractions near your location
  10. Responses to online reviews
  11. Posts showcasing your employees
  12. New menu item announcements
  13. Shout outs to regular customers
  14. Recipe ideas
  15. Support for local sports teams

Contractors and construction

  1. Photos or videos showing project progress
  2. Links to relevant local news stories
  3. Behind the scenes peek at the tasks of the trade (plumbers fixing leaks, welders soldering, etc.)
  4. Inspirational quotes or photos
  5. Tips to help followers with do-it-yourself projects
  6. Product enhancement announcements
  7. Posts focused on the community
  8. Guest posts from employees
  9. A weekly roundup of news across projects
  10. Images of renderings for future projects
  11. Posts focused on industry safety
  12. Behind-the-scenes demonstrations
  13. Before and after photos
  14. Photos from company picnics or events


  1. Links to or videos of cool new cars
  2. Tips on basic auto maintenance
  3. Seasonal promotions (deals on snow tires before winter, etc.)
  4. Exclusive deals for social media followers (oil change discounts, tune-up deals, etc.)
  5. Photos and videos from local auto shows
  6. Photos of unique vehicles you serviced (with permission)
  7. Seasonal advice (winterizing your car, keeping your vehicle clean during spring, etc.)
  8. Responses to customer questions or concerns
  9. Posts thanking loyal customers
  10. Anniversary posts (for example, “Celebrating 5 years in business!”)
  11. Requests for online reviews
  12. Employee showcases (employee of the month, new hires, etc.)
  13. Posts featuring high-profile or celebrity customers (with permission)
  14. Product reviews


  1. News related to your group’s cause or key issues
  2. Goals the organization has accomplished
  3. Posts requesting local politicians support your cause
  4. Photos and videos of community involvement
  5. Requests for donations
  6. Promotions of special events
  7. Requests for volunteers
  8. Calls for new members or committee candidates
  9. Thank you messages to key supporters
  10. Photos and profiles on your group’s key members or leaders
  11. Questions requesting a response from the community (for example, “Why is our cause meaningful to you?”)
  12. Posts highlighting your local sponsors or partners
  13. Promotion of awareness months related to your cause
  14. Calls for in-kind donations

Service businesses

  1. Seasonal posts (tax time, National Life Insurance Awareness Month, etc.)
  2. Daily tips related to your industry
  3. Answers to common customer questions
  4. Photos of day-to-day life on the job
  5. News on topics that affect your industry
  6. Photos and videos highlighting community involvement
  7. Special discounts on services for social followers
  8. Seasonal promotions (early bird tax special, New Year’s workout plan promotions, etc.)
  9. Photos of completed work (stellar haircuts, cleaning services, etc.)
  10. Shout-outs to customers who appreciate your service
  11. Lighthearted jokes or images related to your industry

This is by no means a definitive list, and some ideas work across multiple business types. Be sure to bookmark this page for easy reference anytime you’re having trouble deciding what types of content to post on social media.

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